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Basteln, 2023

The attempt of making a space a bit more cozy


"Salvaging a good time" was the theme of my solo semester in the academic year 22/23 at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. It was important for me to contribute something to the class community and to put the common good above a shiny product, which made surveying the class the first step. Soon it turned out that the desire for a small room-like space was great, so I started pondering. After an intense research concerning the semesters theme, I found parameters that the material I wanted to work on should fulfil.

Namely: Be unagitated in color, have pleasant acoustics, convey a feeling of warmth, be easy to work with and expand. These four parameters were met by one material: Cardboard

Since I was working with a sculptor, Peter Sandbichler at the time, who among other materials works with old bike-boxes, I had access to the material I needed. After modelling the whole project in Rhino, i started cutting and bending the parts needed. In order to increase the sound-insulating effect, cardboard panels were inserted in the partition walls, which are decoupled to prevent noise from being passed on.

There is a reason for the absence of a door.

Since the project is intended to serve the class, it was important to make access as easy as possible. a door would have acted as a deterrent at first and let the project appear as something private. It is desirable that a door or many other extensions are added over time, because that was one of the reasons for the choice of material: easy expandability.

final outcome
final outcome
look inside
look inside
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