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Prak Tisch

Product Design, 2020
Screen printing plate table top
Screen printing plate table top

In need of Furniture

When moving to a new flat, Max Kure had to get a new table. Due to the fact that space in his room is a precious good, a convenient solution had to be found. The main goal was to give the table an unobtrusively practical character. Moving away from the casual sitting table we were pulled towards the idea of building a standing table. Instead of shopping for one, we wanted to try if we were able to build a functioning piece of furniture by ourselves. The idea was simple. Saving space without limiting functionality. For reasons of cost and availability, the choice fell on visible steel and screen printing plate.

notion image


Clearly a student usually doesn't have a lot of financial means at his disposal. In addition, there is often only limited space in your own four walls. Not only had the measurements fit the room, but furthermore the table needed to fit through several narrow hallways and doors. The solution was to build it relatively slim but therefore long, 60cmx200cm. The lack of depth was counteracted by the hight which provided enough space for three spacious "euroboxes" per side.

Very simple rails
Very simple rails

Big thanks to Norbert Kure.

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